Travel: The sights and noises of captivating Bali

Flying straight from Bangkok to Bali was the most expense efficient method of getting the four of us to the area of Indonesia we wanted to explore on this trip. Air Asia took us to Denpasar for $370 USD after a couple of days in the Thai capital to separate the long rail journey from south Thailand. After what can only be described as a clusterf ** k at 4.30 am with 8 thousand feckless Chinese tourists in Don Muang we touched down 3 hours later in a serenely empty and incredibly efficient Denpasar airport where Indonesia has relaxed visa requirements and now offers 30 days on arrival.

BRI, AirAsia to take advantage of SE Asia travel potential

Lending Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) is using the capacity of more Indonesians circumnavigating Southeast Asia with a current partnership with the area s largest budget provider, AirAsia.Travelers of Indonesia AirAsia will have the ability to spend for their air travels using the lots of payment choices offered by BRI, from physical branch workplaces to ATM machines, as well as mobile and internet banking. AirAsia s site will also have its own BRI channel for payment.Indonesia AirAsia CEO SunuWidyatmoko anticipates the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) to more boost travelers from smaller sized cities traveling abroad for employment and business.

Chinese company prepares space parachuting journeys

A company in China is preparing to enable people to travel to the edge of space in a balloon, then parachute pull back to Earth.The China Daily reports that Beijing-based JHY Space Technology, or Space Vision, will begin testing its equipment in the coming month, and recruiting volunteers to experiment with the parachutes.The very first 3 brave volunteers have actually already come forward, consisting of an entrepreneur, a female champ parachutist and an aircraft engineer. Using specially-made fits, they will skyrocket into the stratosphere in a modern balloon, before jumping out and hopefully moving safely pull back to the ground.