Chinese company prepares space parachuting journeys

A company in China is preparing to enable people to travel to the edge of space in a balloon, then parachute pull back to Earth.

The China Daily reports that Beijing-based JHY Space Technology, or Space Vision, will begin testing its equipment in the coming month, and recruiting volunteers to experiment with the parachutes.

The very first 3 brave volunteers have actually already come forward, consisting of an entrepreneur, a female champ parachutist and an aircraft engineer. Using specially-made fits, they will skyrocket into the stratosphere in a modern balloon, before jumping out and hopefully moving safely pull back to the ground. The elevation the balloons will reach was not exposed.

Jiang Fang, creator & president of Space Vision, told China Daily he hopes the endeavor will pave the way for more space tourist opportunities.

We want to lead the development of the domestic commercial aerospace sector by beginning with space parachuting, and progressively develop a course for the general public to travel in the space, he was quoted stating.

The space parachuting trips will cost around CNY500,000 (US$ 77,000).